Forensic investigation Services

The forensic investigation involves procedures used for the discovery of fraud. We provide fraud investigation including limited windows based static standalone environment e-discovery capability.

Financial Statement fraud

Financial statement fraud involves deliberate misstatement of financial statements. CFE reported it as one of the biggest sources of fraud globally. We undertake reviews to ensure that no abuse has been done at both policy level and account balance/transaction level.

Market Abuse

We can help in determining if an unfair advantage has been taken by some market player based on insider information that was not publicly available to other market players.

Asset tracing

As part of fraud and corruption investigation, we help in asset tracing. We can enter into arrangements with some of the best corporate fraud investigation services to trace the assets located in different sovereign jurisdictions.

Money laundering

We help in providing anti-money laundering compliance. We undertake AMLO function.

Expert witness

We support the law by providing expert witness services in matters involving financial fraud.


We help in assuring compliance of Contravention of the foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Contravention to UK Bribery Act. We also help in the investigation of non-compliance in respect of these laws.

Anti-fraud Assessment and Training

We help businesses assess the anti-fraud measures in place, we also help in designing measures where e believe a deficiency exists. We also provide anti-fraud training to clients’ staff.

Reporting hotline

We provide dedicated services of a hotline for reporting organizational fraud, corruption, and money laundering instances.