Advisory & Specialized Services​

Our advisory services cover governance, risk, compliance and transaction advisory. We support business of all sizes, nature and in all stages of their lifecycle. Our services include;

Internal Audit:

We undertake internal audit function for both listed and non-listed clients as required by Code of Corporate Governance.

Regulatory Compliance Reviews:

We undertake regulation specific compliance reviews to help those charged with governance of companies to discharge their duties in these aspects properly.

Internal Controls and Risk Management:

We provide compilation of risk register, designing relevant internal controls and helping in their implementation and effectiveness.

Cost Optimization:

We undertake cost and works studies to optimize cost and reduce wastages. We also help in determining target costs and setting up system for activity-based costing.

Budgets and Projections:

We help in preparation of yearly budgets. We also help in preparation of project specific projections.

IFRS Adoption and Compliance:

International Financial Reporting Standards are globally agreed set of accounting and financial reporting rules. We help businesses to adopt IFRS for first time if they have been using some other financial reporting framework earlier, we also help management in adopting specific IFRS standards and verifying its compliance to existing standards.

Transaction Compliance:

Our transaction specific advisory takes into account the legal view i.e., compliance of relevant laws and the financial view of the transaction.

Financial Due Diligence:

We undertake financial due diligence (buyer side) to help achieve assurance on unforeseen financial impacts, unrecorded liabilities etcetera. This gives a potential user of the report a limited assurance on the financial health of the entity.

Business Valuation:

We provide valuation for unlisted companies, product lines or a constituent part of the business.

Corporate Business Plans:

We help management define its vision and strategy and prepare a plan to achieve the mission. We also undertake turnaround plans for financially sick units. We also help in SWOT analysis, integrated business plan including all aspects of technology, legal, organizational structure, marketing strategy and product lifecycle.

Business Restructuring:

We help business in restructuring – may it be due to internal, external or technical factors. Our services include determination of optimum structure, help deployment of people, realignment of tasks, creation of new culture, and coordination between different elements of the organization to achieve desired objective of reorganization.

Feasibility Studies:

We undertake financial feasibility studies. In require we can also help in market research. We also undertake operational and market research to back the feasibility with most reliable assumptions.

Policies, Procedures and Process:

We help companies compile policies and procedure manuals for Finance, HR, IT etcetera.

Specialized Services:

We provide specialized services of the following:

IFRS 17 Insurance:

The complexity of the new IFRS 17 standard is in stark contrast with the earlier IFRS 4. And considering the long-term nature of some insurance contracts, the interpretation and approach used can have far-reaching effects on an insurance entity’s financial records. We are here to detangle the complexity and provide entity-specific solutions according to regional requirements when it comes to implementing IFRS 17. We offer the following solutions:

    • Pre-implementation Dry Runs
    • Design and streamlining of accounting system with the new insurance standard.
    • Transition to IFRS 17 for insurers
    • Bookkeeping for insurance companies

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and ECL Model:

Considered a real challenge by most accountants, we here at ASK management consultants have the expertise to devise the IFRS 9 ECL (Expected Credit Losses) provisioning approach suitable for your entity and compliant with regulatory requirements. Contact us to get a tailor-made solution for your entity’s IFRS 9 challenges.