Audit & Assurance

Audit is the foundation of modern global business environment. We support business by offering real value-added audits. Our audit services include:

Statutory Audit:

Statutory audit is an intervention designed to obtain reasonable assurance on the underlying financial statements of the business. We provide statutory audit services in Pakistan and through our collaborations in UAE.

Cost Audit:

Cost audit is an intervention designed to understand and the build-up of cost of production. This exercise helps in identifying wastes, setting standard costs based on actual operations size and helping in determining a competitive sales price. In Pakistan we provide cost audit services under Companies Ordinance 1984 and Companies Rules (Audit of Cost Accounts) Rules 1998. We also provide the service in middle East and Africa.


Review and Other Assurance Reports:

We provide financial review, agreed upon procedures, assurance reports on controls and other assurance services.

Vendor Audits:

We provide vendor audit services specifically for media companies.

Reporting Auditors:

We provide reporting auditor services for global audits being managed under ISA 600.