C2C Business Matchmaking

C2C business matchmaking is a unique concept where we introduce people who can do business together. The concept works on the principle of controlled trust. We introduce the potential investor to possible opportunities available – these include the business plan and possible potential partners’ meetings. The investor after performing his own due diligence may agree to invest. The investment is kept in an escrow account and only released when certain conditions have been fulfilled i.e title of asset or shareholding has been transferred to the investor or any other pre-agreed condition. Alternatively, if pre-agreed conditions are not met, the investor can get his funds back from the escrow account – thus giving the investor full control over his funds till the requisite trust level is developed.

This concept gives lots of leverage to expat Pakistanis who want to invest or own a business in Pakistan. It also gives opportunities to people who have realistic and unique business ideas.

You just need to show interest either with a unique business plan or an offer for investment – however small it may be. We maintain a database of investors and business plans owners. Contact us at to discuss further.

We have a special Ghana desk to help you invest in the Ghanian market